Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vanderburgh County Fair

The day after the Jackson County Fair, Daddy had taken off so that we could go to the Vanderburgh (Evansville) Fair.  We saw on the daily program that there were pedal pulls that morning, so that's where we ventured first.  Once we arrived, it wasn't just any little old pedal pull; it was a state santioned pull for the National Pedal Pullers Association (NPPA)!

Dallas and Daddy were pretty excited to see the pedals that would be used
Check out the trophy table!
Even the fair queen court participated
The NPPA classes start with age 4, but the fair included the a 3-year-old for the day.  The boys and girls pulled together for the 3 year-olds, but starting with the 4 year-olds, they were separated.

Here's Reba's pull...

She pulled 32 feet even - the farthest of the girls in her class (there were a 2 or 3 boys that out-pulled her; I think there were 11 in her class)
Finally it was Dallas' turn...

He pulled a little over 28 feet (they only announced places 1-3; I'm thinking he ended up around 5th place in his class of 9 pullers)
Once we were done with the pedal pull, we decided it was time for lunch.  We had packed a picnic, so we went off to find a shady spot.  Dallas thought this would be a good view for lunch...looking out over the antique tractors
Reba enjoying the picnic lunch
After lunch was finished, we made our way down to look at the tractors.  There was an older gentleman riding around on his garden tractor that stopped to ask Doug about his Oliver t-shirt.  Doug mentioned that we have an Oliver 77, and that his grandfather farmed with Olivers.  The gentleman asked if Doug wanted to take the kiddos for a ride on his 1800.  Of course, they jumped at the chance!

Next, we were off to see all the animals.  First up with the FFA area/display
The kiddos thought we really needed to bring these piglets home.  Momma said "no"

We stopped in the show ring to see these miniature Herefords showing.
We decided to head back to the van and rest (in the air conditioning) a bit before the sheep show was to start.  Momma was the only one that ended up falling asleep...until we got back to the show ring.  Then, both kiddos crashed!
They had a decent breeding stock show, here's a look at the grand champion ewe drive (the Southdown ewe won grand champion)
We continued our walk around the fair once the breeding stock show was done.  The kiddos liked the chain saw demonstration, especially this piece of art work on display!
We ended the night at the Farmer (Truck/Tractor) Pulls.  Dallas thought he was funny stuff wearing Pa's hat...
Until next time...

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