Monday, August 19, 2013

Family Gathering

On July 18th, the kiddos and I (along with Rebecca, Eleanor, and Maybelle <formerly known as Baby> ) headed up to Pa-paw and Ma-maw's house for a weekend of fun.  We were needing to take the sheep up to Pa-paw's so they would be able to go to another fair.  Plus, one of my cousins was hosting a family party that weekend because my aunt and cousin, along with her kiddos, were in from out of state.

Along with my crew at Pa-paw and Ma-maw's house, there was Aunt Katie and Brian and Ian and Mary (friends from Canada)!  Friday night was a long, late night waiting for Aunt Katie and Brian to arrive.  Needless to say, the kiddos slept late on Saturday morning - Dallas nearly fell out of bed!
The party was on Saturday, and the kiddos were very excited about swimming in Luke and Kathleen's pool!

My little fish, Little Miss
Dallas also started taking off on his own (they both had on life jackets)
Dallas was the first of the young kids to go off the diving board...
Then, the other little boys followed suit (George Martin on the left, Austin on the right)
Luke and Kathleen's neighbor found a small turtle while mowing his lawn, so he brought it over for George Martin to have!  (Look closely, and you can see the turtle in George Martin's hand)  All the kiddos loved admiring the little creature.
After the swimming was done, Reba crashed for a nap, Dallas played some more with his cousins, and the ice cream turned and froze!  Then, Reba was able to do what she loves and kiss on the little babies!
Dallas liked holding the little ones too
At the end of the evening, we decided to get some cousin pictures (even though some had already left or were in bed)

First up was a picture of my sisters and my cousin Kathleen.  Lisa is the oldest, and I am the youngest (there is just over two and a half years difference)
We've been doing this photo for just a few years...
Next, we had to get all the girls
L-R: Lisa, Vanessa, Kathleen, Vivian, Karina, Jennifer, Me, Reba, Katie, and Grace
Finally, half of the next generation...
Front Row: Vanessa, Karina, Juan, and Austin
Back Row: Aunt Carol, Eric, Dallas, Vivian, George Martin, Reba, and Grace
Until next time...


Missy!! said...

Seeing your kiddos with the babies made me think of this. Do they understand (or have you even told them) about the new baby? I'm always curious as to what age it "sinks in" :)

Rajean B. said...

Oh yes, Missy, we have told them. They were the first to know about a baby in Momma's belly. They are very excited to tell others they are getting a new baby. Dallas has more questions than Reba, but she loves to rub on my belly and talk to the baby just as much as her big brother.