Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Hair

So this might seem like a silly post, but quite a few people have recently commented on my hair. Not the style, but the color. I have not had any coloring done to my hair for quite some time (like maybe when I was in college or even before that). I'm just afraid that my hair is turning darker. Although, this really doesn't surprise me.

My mom has told stories for years that my grandpa Gossett had light brown hair, then it turned to a darker brown, next it was practically black, and finally gray. My mom's hair used to be a light brown, next it turned to a darker brown, and it is still getting darker...and well my you see a pattern?

My mom said that when people were looking at her photos of me (and Dallas) that they too commented on how dark my hair was. I haven't noticed it, but when you look at it every day in the is hard to see the change.

So...Missy, to answer your question in the last post's, the picture is not fooling you. My hair is getting darker. Maybe having a baby caused it to change more rapidly? Who knows, hormones are a funny thing. For instance, I use to have board straight hair...could not hold a curl no matter how hard I tried. Within the last year when I don't blow dry my hair, you wouldn't believe the curl I have!

OK, enough about my hair...I actually need to get moving. Dallas has his first therapy session for his neck today. I need to feed him, bathe him, dress him, and load him in the car! Lots to such a short time!


Christy said...

My hair is doing the same thing. It is alot darker and alot more gray since I have had kids.

Missy!! said...

Wow! I guess my hair is getting darker as well.. but yours just looked REALLY dark! So.. I vote you don't blow dry your hair someday.. and let me see that curl! :) Maybe after I have kids, my hair will curl too! That would be really exciting!

Lisa said...

Not to worry Sis, mine has done the same! I just keep coloring my hair so that you can not tell!! Give Dallas a kiss from Aunt Lisa!! Love you and see you soon!