Monday, January 21, 2008

Did you hear?

We got more snow today, and are expected to still get more. Luckily, the wind didn't blow it around too much. Plus, the temperature is dropping! It really didn't rise any from the weekend...on our drive to church Sunday morning, the thermometer in the truck read -15 degrees! That will wake you up in a hurry.

In other news...Things are slow at Monsanto. Doug's boss is currently on vacation, 4 people left for Puerto Rico over the weekend, one left for Argentina (vacation), and another leaves for Chile in a few days; and Doug leaves for St. Louis next Monday. It is going to be super quite around there!

I had one sub day last week, but have nothing else lined up on the calendar. Tomorrow, Buckwheat and I go back to the doctor. We are meeting a new doc on this visit...part of the typical routine just in case my regular doctor isn't the one on call when Buckwheat decides to arrive! Don't worry, I'll let you know how the visit goes, and if we find out anything new.

Here's a weird story from our local news today...they stated that today is the "most depressing day" of the year. How's that for a news story? Makes you feel good. Their reasoning for this being a depressing day...most people are giving up on their New Year's resolutions, the days are short, it is cold outside, etc. I sure hope that most of you disagree with this "most depressing day" talk and are keeping up with your resolutions. I know I'm trying!

Ending on that...I hope everyone has a super week!

Until next time...

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Missy!! said...

Aww! The most depressing day! That is really sad! I must admit.. I am doing FANTASTIC on my New Years Resolution! What was my resolution you ask? Well...
1. Don't lie and say I'm going to try to lose weight..
2. Don't lie and say I'm going to do something I know I'm not going to do
3. Have fun!

So far, I'm doing fabulous!

Bundle up and keep warm (think of how nice and cozy BW is!!).. it is only 8 degree here.. but that is still a few shades warmer than there!!