Sunday, January 20, 2008

Buckwheat's Room

Lucky you! Two posts in the same day from me!!! I bet you are all so excited. I'm sharing some pictures of what Doug and I were up to pretty much all weekend...Buckwheat's Room.

Buckwheat's dresser before...

...Buckwheat's dresser now!

The window "treatments".
F.Y.I. - It was kind of tough finding those curtains.

A close up of the valance.

The crib...just needs a baby to go in it!

Our rocking corner.

More sheep!

Yep...that's Buckwheat's 1st Tractor!

And, at 33 weeks, 5 days.
Sorry, I know it has been a while since I put one of these up!


Jennifer Ann said...


kristin said...

You're nursery looks awesome! Everything looks like it is coming along nicely. Now all you need is Buckwheat to get here to fill up the empty space :)

Missy!! said...

I LOVE the color! So calming and relaxing!! :) Now this way when the twins emerge (one boy and one girl of course) it is a unisex room!! YAY! And your belly!! ahh.. how cute!

Michelle said...

The nursery looks great! :)