Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby Appointment

Today, Buckwheat and I went to visit the doctor. We had another great visit. Like I mentioned in a previous post, we met with a different doc; just in case our regular one isn't available when Buckwheat decides it is time to meet us. We met with Dr. Adam today, and she was very nice and professional...just not quite as upbeat as Dr. Smollen. After measuring my belly (aka: Buckwheat's size), she felt for Buckwheat's position. She said that the little one has turned and is now head down - which is a good sign...and means we are getting closer! She also listened to the heartbeat and timed it at 140 beats/minute. I think this is a bit slower than the last time we went.

We go back on Feb. 8th, and then it will be weekly appointments until Buckwheat arrives (exactly 6 weeks until due date)!

Until next time...

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Missy!! said...

Oh wow!! That is really exciting!! I can't believe that you are about to be a mommy! (I'm freakin out a bit for ya though.. so you can be as cool as a pickle!! :)

YAY! Can't wait to meet you little one!