Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kentucky State Fair

We spent this weekend in Louisville at the Kentucky State Fair.  Doug, the kiddos and I headed over after school on Friday afternoon.  We met up with Pa-paw, Ma-maw, Aunt Lisa and Kylie for supper.  We then headed back to the hotel to get a good nights rest before the show early Saturday morning.  Overall, Doug and I were very pleased with how our lambs did.  Thanks once again to Ma-maw for taking pictures and sharing them with me - so I can share them with you!

Friday afternoon, a few different individuals came to give Pa-paw some pointers on what to do with Crackerjack (how to fit him for show).  See we had not cut off much of his fleece because we were under the impression the longer, the better.  Apparently, that is not the those individuals, helped trim him down and get him ready.
Pa-paw even tried hand-clipping, but I think he quickly remembered why he doesn't do it (or someone took the shears away)
I also finally added to our farm sign this year (you know the one I did in 2013)!
OK...Saturday morning, the kiddos were once again willing to help get the lambs ready
The Natural Color show and the Polled Dorset show both started at 8 a.m.  Crackerjack's class came up first, and he won it!  We kept waiting for the ram champion drive, hoping that it would come before our Dorset rams started showing, but it did.  Doug and I were in the ring when our class was called for Ice Cube and Clark.
Thankfully, Pa-paw and Aunt Lisa's ram was in a different class, so they were able to take the boys in the ring for us.  Kylie met us at the edge of the ring to take Crackerjack (whom did not win), and we then jetted to the Dorset ring.  I started out helping Dallas with Ice Cube, and Pa-paw and Doug had Clark.  Only Clark was not being very cooperative, so I thought I would try and switch places with Doug.
Clark actually made it into the premium (front line) in his class!  I think if he would not have been so onry, he would have placed a bit higher.
It was then quite a wait before the ewes showed.  Reba and Julianne passed the time by watching Daniel Tiger on YouTube!
Finally, Aunt Lisa and Kylie entered the ring with their fall ewe, and they placed 3rd in the class!
Ma-maw came in for some close ups before our spring ewe class.
This is the lovely smile Julianne gives when Ma-maw points the camera at her!
Reba then had to go to the bathroom right before they called our class, so Sugar stepped in to help!  This was her first time going into the ring, and I'm proud to report she did great.
She held onto the end of the halter the entire time, and kept up with me as we walked around the ring.
Dallas (and Daddy) showed Elizabeth, and he did great once again.  Doug and I are so proud of the confidence Dallas gained in the show ring this summer.  I hope that he continues to enjoy showing sheep, and that he continues to be fearless in the ring.
A great family photo at the end of the show
Today, we returned to the fair for the overall grand drive.  We didn't have anything in the drive, but Aunt Lisa was asked to be a judge for the grand drive.  She said, no; so apparently, they wanted me to judge.  I wasn't confident in doing it, so that left Pa-paw.  He didn't want to do it either, so he pleaded with a friend of ours, Will, do take his place.  Since Aunt Lisa and I both said no to being a judge for the grand drive, we were then asked to judge the Wool on Parade class.  It is a class where individuals wear clothing made of American wool as they lead a lamb (wearing a coordinating piece).   They are judged on the construction of their garment, the presentation of their garment (modeling in the ring), control of their lamb, as well as the appearance of their lamb.  It was a fun time, and I'm glad I was able to help with it.

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