Friday, July 24, 2015

Pickin' Beans

This morning, I picked (what I hope is) my last batch of green beans (with the help of Gram).
I had two rows of beans this year: one row of Contender variety and one row of Blue Lake variety.  One of those buckets was the "third picking" off the Contender row, and the other two buckets are from the Blue Lake.  I have already picked 2.5 buckets off the Contender row.  It was my first time planting the Blue Lake, but I'm happy to report they did well.  I found that all the beans on the Blue Lake were ready at one time (as in I am only going to pick once off that row), unlike the Contender where there were small beans on the plants letting me know there was more to come.  If that makes any sense...

Looks like I have a date breaking beans and running the pressure cooker tomorrow :)

Until next time...

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