Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sand Art

Dallas and Reba each received a sand art kit for Valentine's Day from Gram and Pa.  Since it was cold out, we decided today was a good day to work on them.  Plus, Julianne was down for a nap, and Daddy was home to giving a helping hand :)
 The kits came with a bottle to fill and a picture to cover.  We had to peel off small sections of the picture at a time to make a sticky area for the sand to stick.  Dallas was able to do a lot of his by himself; Reba needed a little more help from Daddy.
Reba's finished which Doug said that even Kesha would be jealous of the amount of glitter Reba used!
Dallas with his finished bottle
I found a couple inexpensive frames so they could display their pictures in their room (without having sand falling everywhere)
Until next time...

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Missy!! said...

Those are seriously cool!!! Good job kiddos!!