Monday, February 16, 2015


We woke up this morning to a beautiful snow covering!  Today was a snow make-up day; therefore, the kiddos were not scheduled to go.
Thankfully, the temps were bearable this morning, and Daddy had a work delay.  Everyone bundled up and headed outside.

Charlie and Fred were loving the snow too!  Fred even pulled the kiddos around on their sleds.

We don't have much of a hill for the kiddos to go sledding on, so we improvise and pull them halfway down the slope in the backyard.  In the picture, Doug is letting go of Dallas, and he can then make it the rest of the way to the barn (where I'm standing and taking the picture)

Shortly after taking the picture of all three kiddos, Julianne went in for a cat nap.  I headed inside after the sledding, but looked out the back window to see Daddy pulling Dallas and Reba on their sleds.
Unfortunately, Big Red (the lawnmower) didn't like the cold and stopped running!  
The ultimate supervisor back at work...
During this time, Daddy got a call from work that the station was closed for the day due to the snow.  The kiddos were super excited to have him stay home and play all day!

Later in the afternoon, we were back outside, and Dallas commented on the snow that was falling.  It was amazing how defined each snowflake was...
And finally, what's a snow day home from school and work without a snowball fight?
Until next time...


Carla said...

Not sure if it was this particular snowfall or not, but I noticed one of them this winter where the snowflakes were large and defined like that. It's unusual to see them like that.

Katie said...

Reba can make a snowball with her gloves!!!