Sunday, October 19, 2014

Baby Lambs

Since Doug is out of town for work, I took the kiddos north to visit Pa-paw and Ma-maw for the weekend.  (I was itching to see the newest baby lambs!)

Pa-paw has been building paper airplanes for the kiddos, and Dallas is getting pretty good at flying them.  Then he figured out how to land them up on the shelf with Pa-paw's tractors...needless to say, he had to get them down too.
Here's the newest addition to our flock!  A natural colored Dorset! Pa-paw has decided to call him Cracker-Jack.  Dallas is hoping we get him at our house to show next summer.
Reba loved being able to love on one of her babies for next summer.

While we were out in the barn, Aunt Lisa noticed there was a new baby in pasture.  Dallas was thrilled to be able to bring it up to the barn.
Ma-maw working her "baby whisperer" magic on Julianne.  She is one of the few who can actually rock that girl to sleep!
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