Friday, August 1, 2014

Tractor Riding at Pa and Gram's

This morning, Julianne and I packed up and headed to Indy to pick Daddy up at the airport.  We then headed to Pa and Gram's to see Dallas and Reba!  Yes, they have spent the last two weeks with their grandparents and aunts (a week with my parents, and this last week with Doug's).

After supper, we headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and ride the tractors.  Reba took me for a ride around the yard on "Old Red" while Daddy and Dallas took off on Pa's JD B.
I couldn't stop laughing when Dallas and Daddy returned, they were a little covered in oil speckles!
Then, Daddy and Reba took off on the B
and Dallas drove me around on "Old Red"!
A quick photo before putting the toys away
Until next time...

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