Monday, August 25, 2014

Kentucky State Fair 2014

On Friday afternoon, we packed the van, picked Dallas up from school, and made the trip to Louisville for the Kentucky State Fair!  The older kiddos were *almost* more excited about staying in a hotel with a swimming pool, than going to show the sheep; therefore, I dropped them and Daddy off at the hotel and took Julianne to the fair to help Aunt Lisa finish trimming the sheep.

Julianne occupied herself while Aunt Lisa, Pa-paw and I worked
The Dorset show started Saturday morning at 8 a.m.  The great thing about a state level show is there are more classes (fall lambs, winter lambs, spring lambs, etc); therefore, we didn't have to show in the same class with Pa-paw and Aunt Lisa - except for the pairs class.

Little Miss dressed and ready!
How many orange shirts does it take to show a ram?
Dallas pocketing the red ribbon (they are his favorite)

With Buster placing second in his class, he had to go back for the Senior Champion drive...we almost forget two sets of hands!

Our yearling ewes
It was a large class and someone got tired...
Dallas decided he wanted to be on the head while showing Sparkler
Little Miss was winking at the judge!

Sparkler was being a little onery, so Dallas knocked her on the head...wonder where he has seen that?
Our pair of ewe lambs - Sparkler and Rachael

Mountain Man Farms - flock class
After the show, someone crashed
While another one played
Sunday was a very relaxed day at the fair, so the kiddos were able to have some fun playing with the trim stand
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