Saturday, August 30, 2014


We started our Labor Day weekend with a bit of work...helping Pa and Gram cut down a couple trees.  The first one up was Gram's Rose of Sharon bush.  Unfortunately, the last couple of dry summers had taken their toll on the bush. 
With a swipe of the chainsaw, it was gone.
Thankfully, we had someone willing to drive the lawnmower and pull all the limbs back to the brush pile!
The next tree was one of Gram's Brandford Pear trees.  A section of it got taken out in a storm this spring/summer.  They thought it best to take the rest of it down before another storm did more damage.
Daddy getting to work
Almost done
Thankfully, it all came down as planned!
Little Miss was left with a perfect place to sit and watch everyone else work
Until next time...

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