Sunday, June 1, 2014

Granny's Surprise Birthday Celebration

This summer my Grandma (also known as Granny and GG) will turn 80! We thought it would be wonderful to have all the grandkids and great-grandkids "home" at the same time to have a birthday dinner.  When my mom shared the news with Granny a few weeks before the party, she was beyond excited to have everyone there.  But what she didn't know was that we were also have a surprise party for all her extended family and friends after lunch and pictures!

This weekend was the best time to get everyone together.  We met at the Putnam Inn in Greencastle for lunch, and then we headed to a local park for a few pictures.  

One funny story I have to share is this: My sisters and I met my aunt and uncle before lunch to decorate and put out the cake, plates, snacks, etc.  My aunt had purchased a balloon bouquet, with one of the balloons saying "Happy 80th Birthday".  Fast forward an hour or so - while eating lunch, Aunt Katie and Dallas are talking with GG.  Aunt Katie says, "Dallas do you know how old GG is?"  Dallas answers, "Yeah, she's 80. Didn't you see the balloons?"  Luckily, GG didn't hear the latter part of the statement and didn't ask anymore questions!

Here are a few of the wonderful memories we were able to capture!

GG and her great-grandkids
L-R: Dallas (6), Julianne (6 mo), Hailee (3), Owen (10 days), GG, Reba (4), Brinley (3), Sariah (5)
The whole clan!
My three kiddos with GG
The grandkids.
That photo was inspired by this one from a few years ago...
As I mentioned earlier in the post, after pictures we headed to the Farm Bureau building where Granny was completely surprised to see friends and family waiting for her!
I didn't take too many pictures at the party, but I did catch the little girls gathered together watching a Tinker Bell movie!
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What a cool surprise!!!