Saturday, May 31, 2014

Random May Photos

One of the most fun parts about having two girls - getting to dress them alike every now and then.  Reba thinks it is the absolute coolest thing!

One day on Doug's way home from work, he found this guy sitting in the road!  Apparently, it seemed like a great idea to bring him home...
Jep lived with us for a couple weeks before we released him back into a creek.  He was fun for a while, but then he started stinking up the barn!

Our strawberry patch did amazing this year!  I was able to freeze multiple gallon sized bags of berries to use in milkshakes throughout the next year, and I was able to make a few of these gems...
Julianne loves it when Dallas holds her (even if both of them have a hard time sitting still for more than 1 minute)
Reba and one of the many flower bouquets she picked for me this spring
Lastly, to end our month, Dallas had some major dental work done (two teeth pulled and two crowns).  We were so blessed that he did amazingly well with the procedure, as well as the recovery.  He goes back in June to have work done on the other side of his mouth.
Until next time...

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