Monday, May 26, 2014

Meal Time!

On May 15th, Julianne got her first taste of "solid" foods.  I started her on Oatmeal cereal because Dallas and Reba didn't care for Rice cereal when they were infants, so I wanted something that had a little bit more flavor.

Daddy was excited to help feed Julianne one of her first meals.

As well as my little mother hen!

Dallas was able to help one day because he was home from school (he had a dentist appointment, and I let him stay home all day).

Julianne has a few items on her meal list: Oatmeal, Bananas, Applesauce, Butternut Squash, and Rice cereal.  I decided to try the Rice cereal because Julianne started spitting up more than normal after eating the oatmeal.  She did much better at keeping the rice cereal down.  I have reintroduced the oatmeal, and she is doing great with it!

Julianne has started to curl up her nose when she eats, and makes a snorting sound.  It's pretty funny.  I remember Reba doing the same thing, but I don't recall Dallas doing it.

Next menu item on the list is going to be green beans, but first I have to dig them out from the bottom of the deep freezer!

Until next time...

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