Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Snow Day

On the 2nd of March, we received quite a bit of snow causing school to be canceled on Monday.  Thankfully, the temperature was not too bad and the kiddos were able to go out and play!  Julianne and I stayed inside and watched out the window.

Dallas decided he was a bulldozer and was making paths all across the yard
Reba was also making paths...or just crawling around with Buddy
Of course, the best thing about playing in the snow is to come inside and sit on the register all wrapped up in a blanket.  A cup of hot chocolate helps too!
We also practiced our letters in the "snow" (aka: salt)

Dallas was pretty proud of his "Mm"
and Reba had to show off her "Pp"
After finishing our letters, Dallas decided to make a snowman in the "snow"!
Needless to say, the kiddos slept great that afternoon for naps, went back out to play in the afternoon, and slept like rocks that night!

Until next time...


Missy!! said...

Now, answer this for me. Why does Reba look so stinkin adorable with her piggies all in a frizzle.. but when my hair is like that, Max tells me I need to brush it better?

LOVE the salt idea by the way. I've used paint in a baggie before, but the salt.. now that is genius!

Gram said...

fun times! They sure do well with their letters and drawings.