Wednesday, March 19, 2014


On March 12th we added to our "farm" once again!
This time, it was baby chicks (yes, we ordered them online and we picked them up at the post office)
We actually ordered 25 pullets.  The hatchery sent a few extras: 17 Cinnamon Queens, 5 Naked Necks and 5 French Hens.  Doug let Dallas and Reba each pick a breed to add to our flock.  Dallas chose the Naked Necks, and Reba chose the French Hens.
We had a rough start with the new chicks - 1 Cinnamon Queen arrived dead, and 3 of the French Hens died in the first two days, but the remaining hens seem to be doing well now.

We haven't let the kiddos play with the new hens too much, but I'm sure that will change once they get a little more size on them and don't require to be under the heat lamp as much.

Until next time...

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