Monday, March 10, 2014

Dallas' Tractor

One Christmas present that Dallas received this year was a wooden tractor that he could build and paint.  We spent about three days on the project.  

The first day was building.  Dallas did a great job of applying the glue and holding the pieces while waiting on the glue to dry
He was pretty proud of his work
The next day was a nice snowy day - perfect for staying inside and painting!
After the first coat of paint
After naps, Dallas applied his second coat and touched up a few areas.  The next morning, Dallas didn't have school because of the snow, and Daddy's office opened late!  So...they finished the tractor by adding the decals!

Until next time...


Ma-Maw said...

What a great job Dallas!!

Anonymous said...

Good job! GG

Gram said...

so glad that you enjoyed it Dallas and such nice work.