Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trip to the Zoo

Dallas was out of school last Friday for Fall Break, and since Daddy was finished with harvest, he took the day off as well!  The previous Sunday at church, my friend Carla mentioned she was going to take her girls to the zoo on their Fall Break.  It got me to thinking about some free zoo passes we had from Daddy working Boo at the Zoo last Halloween.  When we got home from church, I found the passes, and discovered they expired at the end of the month.  I mentioned the idea to Doug, and he thought it would be a great start to the long weekend.

A quick snapshot before entering the zoo.
Here's a quick look at the last time we visited the zoo...over 3 years ago!
We found a couple bats hanging around in a cave
Dallas really liked this Scarlet Macaw (remember, his favorite color is red)
Can anyone guess what Dallas said when he spotted this guy?
Reba couldn't wait to see the giraffe.  Unfortunately, they weren't up as close as the last time we saw them.
Although, she was able to craw on the "baby giraffe", so she was pretty happy with that!
Monkey see, monkey do...
Until next time...

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