Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week 30

10 weeks to go until due date!

I had another baby appointment today.  If it seems like I just went, it's because I did - two weeks ago!  I'm down to every other week appointments.  Baby was very active during the appointment today, which made the heart beat sound faster. (I'm not sure what the rate was because my doctor doesn't count/measure like my OB in Iowa did)  Either way, it was nice and strong!

My blood pressure was once again normal: 108/78, and I am up a total of 10 pounds.  I went through old blog posts trying to compare to my other pregnancies; I found with Dallas, I was up about 15 pounds at this point, but I couldn't find a total weight gain with Reba at this stage.

As far as things happening with Baby:
Baby is around 16 inches long and between 2.5 and 3 pounds.
This one is up in my rib cage (right side) often - just like Dallas was!  I'm hoping this baby will turn soon unlike big brother who never did.
Finally, I have also noticed more 'knobs' poking out (i.e. elbows, knees, or heels) when Baby moves instead of general movement.

Until next time...

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Jenni said...

How exciting!! He or she will be here before you know it!