Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun Friday Fotos - Kitties!

 Last weekend we added to our farm family...
Yep, we got three kittens.  The mice population was getting pretty ridiculous in the barn, and Doug finally had enough.  We found a listing on Craig's List for these barn cats that had already caught some mice, were used to being around children and were not afraid of dogs.  Perfect!

We still have not named the kittens, but we sure are having fun playing with them.

This gray one has become Reba's favorite (it's also the only girl out of the 3)
Dallas and the two toms
What's the kiddos' favorite thing to do with the kitties?  Why put them in the dog kennel and sit with them!
This little guy has become my buddy.  He will either sit in my lap or curl up on my shoulder and purr non-stop!
Until next time...

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