Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pool Party

I think it was around Easter time that Reba started asking about getting the pool out so she could swim.  That girl is such a fish, she thinks if the sun is out (no matter the actual temp), she should swim!

Finally on the 15th of the month, I gave in.  Reba helped me fill the pool one morning while Dallas was at school.
We let the water warm up all afternoon, and after naps, the kiddos jumped in!

They have since been in a few more times.  I'm sure we will get lots of good out of the pool this summer!

Until next time...

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emenchho said...

haha...I was like Reba at that age! We ALWAYS wanted to be in the water and had some interesting "pools" over the years! Hope the sun comes out to stay soon so there can be lots of warm days spent in the water. :)