Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Late Tuesday morning after Reba's doctor check up, we headed northwest to Iowa!  We had decided to spend Thanksgiving at Aunt Katie's.  After about 10 hours on the road and very little napping, we arrived. 
Doug and my dad went pheasant hunting on Wednesday in nearly 60 degree weather!  The "women" and children stayed at Aunt Katie's and did prep work for the feast.
On Thursday, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, followed by naps and football :)
Black Friday found Doug and my dad hunting again; only this time the high was in the low 30's and wind gusts at 30+ mph!  My mom, sisters, the kiddos and I went shopping for some deals; but believe me, we were not out there with the die-hards in the wee-hours of the morning!
Saturday morning started with some family pictures, and in the afternoon, we headed to Belle Plaine to visit with Reba's godparents.  We spent the night there and attended Mass at our former church, and then headed back to southern Indiana!
Doug had Monday off from work, so we spent the day working outside.  It was getting near naptime and Reba wanted to go in.  I helped her get the door open and went back to help Doug with a project.  When I came back in the house, this is how I found Reba...I guess she was a little worn out from the trip.
and yes, that was the only picture I took between her birthday party and returning home...

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Gram said...

poor baby. So sweet!