Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reba's New Quilt

While spending Christmas Eve at Aunt Pat's (Gram's family), Reba was gifted with a beautiful quilt for her bed.  Aunt Pat is such a great quilter, and she has blessed our home with beautiful, wonderful pieces of her love.  Remember Dallas' quilt?  Aunt Pat also made a quilt for Doug and I as a wedding present.

Enough of is Reba and Gram with her quilt right after Aunt Pat showed her
Aunt Pat even had some extra material, so she lovingly made a quilt for Reba's baby!  
Lucy (and Reba) loves it!
Once we made it home, Reba was excited to see how the quilt would look on her bed.  We all think it looks fabulous!
 Until next time...


Gram said...

Hey, I really like that picture of me and Reba. glad you took it. She was really excited about the quilt. So happy that she likes it. That might be the only one picture at Christmas. I don't do well remembering to take pictures. I think I will leave that up to And thanks so much for spending the whole day at aunt Pats. We really enjoyed the dayand I know Pat enjoyed having you all.

Carla said...

She looks so happy and gotta love that baby has a quilt too!