Friday, December 28, 2012

"Blizzard" of 2012

Christmas night we were forecasted to receive quite a bit of snow and strong winds; therefore putting us under blizzard conditions.  They were projecting for the snow to start falling around 8 p.m., but as we watched the radar, it was as if there was an umbrella over us.  There was snow to the north of us, and there was rain to the south of us.  Although, once we woke the next morning, there was a nice blanket of snow on the ground.

A look out our back patio
The view from the road
One of the great things about living on the state highway - our road was cleared in no time!  We didn't really feel the effects of the high winds drifting roads closed, and we were able to go to town that night to stock up on some groceries!
The boys were excited to get out and play...
as well as the kiddos!  Like the swim goggles they received as presents?
Once Daddy got the truck cleaned off, he had to take the kiddos out to play!
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Gram said...

happy that you all got snow to play in. I think you got at least as much as we did.