Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dallas' Pre-K Christmas Party

Yesterday was Dallas' last day of Pre-K for the year, so they ended with a party!  They even had a special guest for the party...
The kiddos each got a turn to sit on St. Nick's knee and put in their special wishes.  Dallas asked for a pair of glasses like Daddy, Pa-paw, Pa and Ma-maw wear.  Silly kiddo...doesn't he know it's in his genetic make-up to wear them one day!
Once the kiddos all had a turn talking with the jolly ole guy, they performed a few songs for him and the parents that were there.  I was so proud of Dallas for participating (remember his end-of-the-year program last spring).

St. Nick even gave each kiddos a present
a coloring book and an ornament
While waiting for the class to return from a restroom break before starting games, I was admiring some of Dallas' art work
*It says, "A house for a sad child who doesn't have toys"*  Can you tell we have been talking about boys and girls that don't have all the things we do?

Enjoying a snack and Grinch Juice (lime ice cream with 7-Up)
The craft table (making gingerbread boys and girls)
Well, there's Rudolph!
Until next time...

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Gram said...

I sure enjoyed the singing. Dallas did a super job. It warms my heart.