Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Party on the Interstate!

On Saturday after going to the pumpkin farm, we headed up to Gibson County where they were having a street festival before the opening of Interstate 69.  I had seen a news release online where they were to have antique tractors, cars, adult trikes, skateboards, and other activities.  And, you know us...if there are tractors - we are there!
Dallas really liked this corvette
Then, the kiddos liked the bug
The sun kept trying to peek out

The antique tractors that were on display...we were surprised to see Allis-Chalmers lead the turn-out!
The kiddos love to stand underneath high-crops!
People were able to doing chalk drawings on the road, most did body outlines, someone did this farm scene
The kiddos made puppets out of fly-swatters
Reba made a fairy

Dallas made "Doc the Super Butterfly"
Taking a ride on the adult trikes

While there, we also got to see the RE/MAX hot air balloon being unload and unfolded
Aired up
Doug thought it the fan they used was pretty cool - notice the engine on the fan
Almost there
We have take-off!
One last shot - standing in the middle of I-69.  Probably will never be able to do this again.
Until next time...

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Gram said...

My goodnes, you guys did it all last weekend. What a variety of things you found to do. Looks like alot of fun.