Monday, October 22, 2012

a-Mayse-ing Pumpkin Farm

Dallas had this past Friday off from school for Fall Break, so Daddy took the day off in anticipation of visiting a Pumpkin Farm.  Unfortunately, it was a rather cold and rainy day, so we delayed our trip to Saturday.  The day was cloudy and a bit chilly, but we still had lots of fun!  Enjoy the photos from the Mayse Farm Market...
Two lil' pumpkins
Dallas really liked this tall pumpkin
New to us was the Wildly Fun Rat-Race
Diggin' for Diamonds :)
Dallas really loved the Gourd Sling Shot!
Little Miss needed a little extra help

Next up was the Duck Races

We're thinking about doing away with the electric well, and just having the kiddos manually pump the well!
The kiddos then took a ride in the Barnyard Buggies

After going through some of the Corn Maze, we found the Giant Cornfield Slide

Next, it was time for Lil' Buckaroo's Rodeo
Finally, it was time to go...
I thought this was a great picture of Daddy and the kiddos

Until next time...

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Gram said...

what a great bunch of pics and video's of everyone. such a neat place to go and so much fun. I can tell they loved it. But who wouldn't, so many cool things to do. Glad you all got to go.