Friday, October 12, 2012

Fun Friday Fotos

This fall our church sold mums as part of a fund raiser.  I had been wanting to add some around the house (as I didn't have a single one, and I missed the ones I had in Iowa).
We were so pleasantly surprised at the quality of the mums when we picked them up, and they have done excellant since we planted them!

Also, I noticed in my link back that I posted a picture of the leaves changing...I actually just snapped a few photos this past weekend on the drive up north.

I still tell people the changing of the leaves is what I missed the most while living in Iowa!  I love the colors of fall.

Until next time...


Katie said...

It is crazy how the picture of the leaves looks like it is in about the same spot! I know its not, but strange how similar it looks!

Hope your enjoying the fall weather!!!

Missy!! said...

Okay.. so enlighten me. I planted about 10 mums 3 or 4 falls ago... I covered them when it got cold and they did really well, but they never came back. (I take that back.. one did return.. and Andy didn't realize it was suppose to.. and killed it!) How do you get yours to sprout the next year?

Carla said...

They should change quite a bit more yet, but as dry as it was this summer they may not be as pretty as usual.