Sunday, November 4, 2007

Our Weekend

What a fun weekend!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Bob (Doug's dad) and a friend of their's, Andy, came out to Iowa for the weekend. They spent all day Friday at the National Toy Farmer Show in Dyersville. I met them for dinner around 6:30 that night. I was very surprised they were back this way that early!

I then decided to join them on Saturday for the show. We would be inside - where it was nice and warm and no wind - for the majority of the day. We saw sooooooo many toys! It's amazing how many people attend with their collections and how many people attend to add to their collections. Needless to say, we were some of those there to add to the collection. Doug didn't have plans on buying toys beings that Christmas isn't that far off...but he found some excellent deals that he just couldn't pass up. One of the deals being Buckwheat's official first toy tractor! It's an Oliver 1855 narrow front about 20 years old...usually found for $40, but we only paid $10!

Buckwheat's 1st Tractor!

I then forgot to change my clocks before heading to bed so we were up an hour early this morning! Bob and Andy left to head home around 7:15 a.m., and Doug and I got ready and headed for church. After church, Doug tackled the laundry and I baked some more pumpkins. We then settled in to watch the Colts vs. Patriots game...too bad it couldn't have ended on a better note.

Well, I better wrap this up...I have a few random pictures that I thought I would enjoy!

Yep, that's Doug mowing the lawn this last week.

This is actually along I-74 in Indiana.
The trees aren't this pretty in our part of Iowa.

The mums behind my house.

The boys stayed outside over the weekend -
Fred was so glad to have his spot back today.

Our picture for the church pictorial directory.

Until next time...

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The Future Mrs.... Missy! said...

Know what... I like the random pictures! It is just a photo of everyday stuff.. but they are nice. It is a little glimpse into.. well... you! :)