Friday, June 17, 2011

Fun Friday Fotos and Flick

*Sorry this posted later than I had planned. I put this together early this morning, and I had a lot of trouble uploading the video.  I have to get used to a slower internet connection again :)

Dallas was so excited to get his Gator back last week.  I think he has ran the battery dead each and every day since.  Reba got on the first day, and then she got scared and wouldn't get back on until yesterday.
We got the swingset up (and staked) last weekend.  We also finally attached the tarps.  The kiddos have been enjoying the swings and slide, and I'm enjoying not having to drive to a park multiple times a day.
Reba doing a little back porch sittin'
And finally, a little flick

Until next time...


Mandie said...

That thing looks fun!! Cute kiddos too!

Carla said...

We really need to set up a play date soon.