Sunday, May 11, 2008

A note from Dallas

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to write a note before Mom put me to bed. I didn't get a chance this morning to wish all the mom's out there a Happy Mother's Day! Mom, Dad and I went to Peoria, IL today to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Robertson, Grandma and Grandpa Bergman, GG, and Aunt Lisa. We ate at the Texas Roadhouse, and it was delicious! (well, that's what Mom said) We also went to Culver's and got sundaes...they were good too.

Happy Mother's Day!

One more thing before I head off to bed, did you all realize that I am two months old today?!?! I had to remind Mom to take my picture so everyone could see how big I'm getting. I go to the doctor for my 2 month check-up on Friday. I'll make sure Mom updates you on my growth. She says I might be a bit cranky after the appointment...something has been said about getting shots, and I really don't like the sound of that!

Dallas ~ Two Months Old


Anonymous said...

It is so hard to believe he is two months old already...we can't wait to see the little guy and of course you & Doug at Megan's graduation. Take care...
Aunt Kelly and Uncle John

kristin said...

Happy belated Mother's Day Rajean!!

emenchho said...

Hope your family had a wonderful time celebrating Mother's Day! I can't believe Dallas is 2 months!

kristen said...

It looks like the little guy is growing like a weed! Hope you had a wonderful first Mother's Day!

Jennifer E. said...

Good looking little man! From the picture of him in the big chair, it looks like his neck is getting better. Best of luck with the injections!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Two months old and so articulate! He'll be graduating from Harvard at age 10! Happy Mother's day (belated)!

Aunt Marnie