Monday, April 14, 2008

Our 1st Roadtrip!

This weekend we went to Osage, IA, for a wedding. Our friends, Jason and Katie, tied the knot on a snowy April day...who would have thought there would be snow in April? Anyway...Katie and Doug work together. {Katie and Jason were also our bowling partners this past winter.}

Doug, Dallas and I left the house around 9:30 Saturday morning, stopped and checked-in to our hotel around 12:30, and made it to the wedding just in time. Dallas did great on the drive up there...he slept the entire way! At the wedding, he was a little fussy, but not too bad. There were a couple hours before the reception began, so Dallas got in a good nap. I think he had a good time at the reception...he loved all the attention he got from our friends from work. He just kept bouncing from one person to another! I did get to see him when it was time for him to eat and get a diaper change...funny how he seems to find his way back to me for those moments.

Sunday morning we headed to a toy tractor show that was in the same area as the wedding. It is the last one of the "season". Dallas slept through the entire show, so he didn't come home with any new tractors. After the toy show, we met up with Aunt Katie for lunch. Dallas was being a little fussy during picture time, so I apologize in advance for his facial expressions.

Now for the pictures...

The Newly Weds!

Fred (one of Doug's old co-workers and fishing partner) & Dallas
{Notice that Dallas's belly is getting larger and harder to keep his shirts down!}

The "Monsanto" table...everyone from work

Katie (the bride) and me

Gema {another one of Doug's co-workers} and Dallas

Dallas's 1st night away from home

Getting ready for the toy show...
This is the same outfit we brought him home from the hospital fits a little differently now!

Aunt Katie and Dallas

Let's try this again...

Until next time...

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Melissa Lakes said...

He's getting so big so fast! I'm glad he did well on your first overnight trip. And isn't it funny how people can't keep their hands off babies until they're hungry or stinky? Then it's right back to Mom!