Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Catching Up...

Hello everyone. I am sorry it has been a few days since my last post, but I have a good reason...I was in Indiana, away from my computer!

Dallas and I set out on a road trip Friday morning. My good friend, Cari, was having a bridal shower on Sunday, and I went back to surprise her. Doug didn't go with us because he was very busy with work. The following is a photo journal of our trip...

When we left Friday morning, it was raining. I thought I was going to have to build a boat to get the truck loaded!

Snowball wasn't too sure about meeting Dallas.

Aunt Lisa and Dallas

My Grandpa Robertson was able to meet his newest great-grandson on Saturday afternoon.

Four Generations

The "Greats"

Dallas worked very hard over the weekend to find his thumb. It finally happened! He has continued to work hard on finding it again...but it is not always a success.

"Check out my right hook, Grandpa."

Aunt Josie and Dallas

Mom had the Robertson and Cash families out to the house Saturday afternoon to meet Dallas.

Grandma Bergman waiting her turn...patiently.

Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve with Dallas.

"The Spoiling Crew"

My cousin Megan and Dallas

We met up with Aunt Carol after church Sunday morning.

Grandpa and Dallas solving the problems of the world.

Cari opening the present we got her.

My friend Pam even got to meet Dallas.

The bride-to-be and me

After the shower Dallas and I went to Aunt Pat's house to visit the Rosenfeld family.

Christy meeting Dallas

Molly and Cody were very excited to get to meet Dallas!

Dallas was finally able to get a cat nap.

Aunt Lisa and Dallas before we headed back to Iowa.
Just another adorable face!

GG saying good-bye before we headed west.

Dallas and I had to make a stop by the Shelby Co. Co-op so Grandma could show him off to the ladies in the office. Here his is with Norma.

Becky and Dallas

Sheryl and Dallas

Linda and Dallas

Tangody and Dallas (he finally woke up)

Of course, we made our way back to the crops to see Sue.

Johnny Mike even took a break from loading fertilizer to meet Dallas.

One last picture before we took off.

I hope it didn't take too long for all these pictures to load up. Dallas and I had a great time visiting everyone, and we hope you enjoyed seeing us! Hopefully, we'll be seeing you all again as well as others that didn't get the chance.

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Great pictures rajean! it was good to see you this weekend! glad you had a good trip back to iowa!

jennifer cash

Missy!! said...

Aww!! How fun!! I noticed you didn't make Royal a pit stop.. :( Glad you were able to enjoy your family!