Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Fun Filled Day

This morning Doug and I headed north to a little town called Tripoli. It was about a 2 hour drive ~ so it was within my "limits" of travel. We were on search for a tractor. An Oliver 1355. We had seen it last weekend at the Grinnell Toy Show, but when we decided to go back and buy was gone. After speaking with the guy that had the table, he told us he had more at his toy store. He then offered to put our name on one, and that he would bring it to the Independence Toy Show in two weeks (which will be next weekend). Well...since we are STILL waiting on Buckwheat, Doug thought that it might not be best to wait until next weekend. So...we decided to take a road trip and drove up to the guy's toy store!

Here's a picture of our new toy!

After leaving the toy store in Tripoli, we decided to head east and go to Lamont (where there is another toy store ~ Bossen Imp.). After spending some time there, we went a little farther east and just happened to end up in Dyersville! For those of you unfamiliar with Iowa geography...Dyersville is the "Farm Toy Capital of the World". It is also where the movie Field of Dreams was taped.

All in all, it was a great day, and I believe I will sleep very well tonight. The weather was a little chilly, but we weren't actually out walking around in it so it was fine.

Don't forget to "jump ahead" an hour! Until next time...


Missy!! said...

Aww! I've been to Dyersville, Iowa!! 100 years ago when I was in Jr High (hehe.. it feels like it was that long ago!) we went to Moline, Illinois and Dyersville, Iowa! Now, you must say it with a little twang.. but we really did have a great time! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

As far as Buckwheat goes... "GET YOUR

kristen said...

I second Missy. Let's get the show on the road Buckwheat!