Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dallas's Progress

First off, is that how Dallas's should be spelled? or is it Dallas' ? Isn't this awful...I'm suppose to be a teacher! Ok...enough of that!

Dallas made more progress today. {Loud Cheer!} When the nurse brought him to the room for his 1 a.m. feeding, she said they had taken him off the oxygen monitor! She then said that the Dr. Skopec (the peditritian that has been taking care of him here) wanted Dallas to still spend the night in the nursery (except when he needed fed) so the nurses could keep an eye on him ~ as we would be sleeping, and not able to. Fine by me - especially if it means he is off the monitor. Dr. Skopec told us that this morning the monitor was being difficult because it would flat line everytime Dallas wiggled his foot. She checked him over...determined he was fine...said it had been over 48 hours since his episode...and then the monitor came off.

Dr. Skopec also decided to change his antibiotic schedule from every 12 hours to every 11 hours. This will allow us to cut down our stay at the hospital. If we would have stayed at the 12 hour interval, we would have been released Thursday, his last dose will be Thursday morning!

Dallas did get a new IV this afternoon. Luckily, he has veins like his Daddy and they were able to get it on the first try. He looks like his arm is in a splint because they put a little board under his arm so he would bend it too much and work the IV out.

In other news, Grandma and Grandpa Bergman and Aunt Josie headed back to Indiana today. We hope they had a good travels back.

We are so thankful for all the help our families gave over the last week. And, we are thankful for all the prayers everyone has been sending our way. We definitely have the best support system!

Until next time...


emenchho said...

Glad to hear Dallas is doing better! Those baby splints are cousin Ethan had one when he was born, babies are lil magicians! haha Take care! Hang in there...Thursday will be here before you know it and then Dallas will be breaking in his new home!

Aunt Kelly said...

Hope everything is going well with out little great nephew Dallas aka Oliver to Uncle John...looking forward to seeing the proud parents and the little guy hopefully at Megan's graduation...Take care all 3 of you. Uncle John, Aunt Kelly, Megan, and Jacob

teresa said...

Hello All! This is Teresa, Rajean's mom.

I'm leaving a note to let you know that all is well with Rajean, Doug, and Dallas. Their computer crashed and are unable to update the blog. Dallas is doing very good and will be going home tomorrow, (Thursday 3/20/08). All his tests came back normal and he has not had anymore problems with his breathing. I'm sure they will get their computer fixed as soon as possible and get pictures and updates posted.


Aunt Kelly said...

We are so glad to hear the baby update from Grandma Teresa about Dallas...we were beginning to wonder about everyone.

Uncle John, Aunt Kelly, Megan, and Jacob

emenchho said...

Hey Momma R! Thanks for the update! Hope you and Poppa R are doing well...miss you guys!