Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just a Little Snow...

...or is this a blizzard?

In case you haven't heard, Iowa got hit with some more snow overnight and this morning. The weather personality predicted anywhere from 6 to 12+ inches for our area! We (Doug and I) just thought they were bluffing...but we were wrong.

As we headed out this morning for work, the driveway and road were drifting. We made it about a half mile before we got stuck! The drift was at least a foot, if not two feet, deep...and we weren't going anywhere! Doug tried digging, but the wind was blowing so much that no progress could be made. Doug's boss and a few co-workers tried to come help us, but they got caught in a drift in the process...they were able to get themselves out very quickly. Luckily, for us, a road-grader happened to be coming up the road. He was making a path for a tow truck that was stuck (or something like that...didn't really catch the whole story). Any who...long story, short...he was able to pull us out, and he finished plowing the road to our house. We decided it best for us to then stay home for the rest of the day! Here are a few pictures from the event.

The first few pictures are a little hard to make out...I was taking them from inside the truck and/or out the window.

The front wheel of the truck.

When we drove into the drift, snow came up and
over the truck; covering the cab and hood.

The snow is actually up to the bottom of the doors!

This was before Doug shoveled any snow away from the truck.
We could hardly get the doors opened.

Another shot out of the front window...that's our
neighbor's (to the east) house. Craig was at work
with the truck, so they couldn't help us either.

Doug walked out into the field some to get a better view!

Yep! That's me sitting in the truck...letting Doug do all the work!

Doug, waiting for the road-grader to back up to pull us out.

In other news for the day...our Lamaze class has been canceled for tonight...we weren't planning on going anyway. Also, today is Ash Wednesday - the beginning of Lent - and we aren't going to be able to make it to church for Mass...our road is already drifted shut again!

Until next time...


Aunt Marnie said...

Hmmmmm. I'm a little worried that y'all couldn't figure out it was a pretty good day to stay home BEFORE your adventure! LOL

Missy!! said...

Jean.. Jean.. what were you doing out in that amount of snow in your "condition"?? :) I hope you two enjoyed your day home together...
Stay warm.. and stay home!!!

Rajean B. said...

Just because we got a lot of snow, didn't mean we could just skip work. We had to at least try.