Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Family Christmas

I finally downloaded some pictures from my camera! I'm not the best at taking pictures "in the moment". Afterwards, I always wished I would have taken more...oh, are what I have!

The Robertson Tree

The stockings!
Buckwheat even had a stocking this year
(the little red one in the middle).

Christmas Eve at the Robertson's

Fred and Charlie waiting to open presents.

The Bergman Tree!

Doug opening a big present...
a new Corn Hole game set!

Christmas Morning at the Bergman's

Until next time...


Missy!! said...

I'm impressed!! You Bergmans sure do get dressed up to open presents on Christmas morning.... usually, my family is happy if I have brushed my teeth! :)

Wow.. your last Christmas without children... unreal! :)

Rajean B. said...

We just got back from church...and our clothes were at my parents' house...and, well, we just couldn't wait to open presents!!!