Monday, November 5, 2007

Week 20!

Can you believe that I'm already at week 20 of this pregnancy?!?! That's half-way ... considering a full term pregnancy is 40 weeks. I must actually be appearing pregnant to others. Just this last week people have started to ask when I'm due (without me previously telling them I'm expecting).

I was going to post a new picture, but the battery was dead on the camera and now that it is charge...Doug is not home. I will try my best to get one up soon.

As far as upcoming dates for Buckwheat...This Wednesday, Doug and I are going to a class at church regarding baptism. Our church usually does two different classes during a year - one in the spring and one in the fall. They are unsure when the spring class will be, so we decided to attend the fall session. Then, Doug and I go next Monday to have an ultrasound and the monthly baby doctor appointment. So...look forward to some more Buckwheat updates!

Until next time...


Stacia said...

Hey! Wow! 20 weeks! Time passes so fast! Adrian and I will be home for Thanksgiving but not for Christmas this year. -- We are finally celebrating Christmas at OUR HOUSE! :)

The Future Mrs.... Missy! said...

Aww!! So... when you get the ultrasound done.. are you willing to share a copy of that first little picture of bouncing baby Bergman with the rest of your blogging audience? hmm.... :)

I can't wait to see that belly!! Your still coming right? Only 11 days!!! :)