Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I hope everyone had a good day. It was just another Tuesday around here. The roofer hasn't been here since Saturday. He said would try to be here tomorrow (Wed.) So...we'll wait and see. The shingles haven't arrived yet, so he will just be tearing off more of the old stuff and putting down new sheating.

It was a really nice day here. I think it hit the 60's again, but it is to drop down to the 30's tonight and the wind is to really pick up! We are expecting a high of 53 tomorrow with 25 mph winds.

I hope you were able to "see" Buckwheat in the last post. We have a CD containing about 10 or 11 different pictures, but Doug and I thought the one posted was the easiest to see him/her.

My friend Kim finally shared a new baby bump picture on her blog...so I thought I would share it with you all as well! I think her due date is around mid-January. Kim & Jason are also waiting to be surprised with the gender of their baby...my vote is for a girl!

Kim (Hall) Stockment - 29 weeks along

That's all I have for now...only 9 days until Thanksgiving! Hopefully, Doug and I will get to visit with many of you then!

Until next time...

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Jennifer Cash said...

O how cute i didn't know kim was pregnant.... anyways sounds like a fun tues. haha! have a great wed.!