Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sweet Potatoes and Apples

Daddy has been gone all week, but today he was off!  Momma put him (and the kiddos) to work digging the sweet potatoes...

The ground was so dry and hard to dig since we haven't had a decent rain all month, so Daddy did all the digging!  It wasn't our best crop of sweet taters, but I'm sure we are going to have plenty to get us through the year.  And we will have enough to make some baby food for Number 4.

After we were done digging, we went to check on the fruit trees.  Unfortunately, our peach trees produced absolutely nothing this year.  (Insert sad face)  Our apple tree on the other hand, put on a handful of apples.  One looked perfect, so Dallas picked it!
He was teasing that he was going to eat it, but it is sitting in the fridge waiting to be shared.
Until next time...

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