Thursday, September 3, 2015

Re-Opening of the Church

This morning marked the re-opening of our church!  After 8 long months, we are finally back to celebrating mass in the church and no longer in the gym of the school.  This morning, Father held a special prayer service for the care of God's creation.  The students and staff were able to attend, and I thought it would be lovely for Julianne and I to go as well.
Julianne did fairly well - she liked being able to sit on the pew (and not someone's lap) and she loved being able to stand on the kneelers to see.  She also got pretty excited when she spotted "Beb" (Reba) - in the center with a white shirt.
 and Dallas - off center to the left in the red shirt with his head down.  As they left to head back to school.
It is simply breath-taking!
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