Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Fishing

Doug's uncle hosted a cookout at his house this afternoon.  Thankfully, Doug didn't have to work, so we made the trip north yesterday.  One of the reasons for the get-together was that Doug's uncle and aunt were "home" from Florida.  We were all quite surprised when Julianne allowed Uncle Danny (the one that lives in FL) to hold her hand as they walked across the yard, and she even let him carry her down the stairs to the basement!
After lunch, Doug and Pa, as well as Dallas and Reba headed out to Uncle Junior's pond to see if they could have any luck fishing.

It wasn't but 5 minutes before Reba got the first bite on her line...

Then, Pa got a nibble...
Dallas "had to help" Pa reel it in!
Everyone was so proud of their catches!

Reba even finally decided to hold the fish

It wasn't long after they each released their catches, Reba re-baited, cast her line, and reeled in a blue gill!
After each of the kiddos caught 3 or 4 fish each, Doug was finally able to cast his own line and enjoy a little fishing.  (He had been running back and forth between the two kiddos re-baiting and taking fish off their lines)
What were Julianne and I doing during this time?  Relaxing under the shade trees (and napping)
My favorite picture of the day!
followed closely by this one (Dallas was so willing to help Reba with her catch)
After Julianne woke from her nap, I even got the chance to cast a line.  I ended up catching one bass and this blue gill.
Until next time...

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Gram said...

It sure was a nice, enjoyable day with family.