Friday, September 18, 2015

Fun Friday Foto - Reba's Week

We are so proud of Reba and her success in Kindergarten!  Each day, she starts on "green", and she has the chance to either "clip up" with good choices/behavior/participation or "clip down".  Here is what her chart looked like this week.
She "clipped up" to the pink level each day for a whole week!  She is the first in her class to do so, and because of that, she got to pick a prize out of the treasure chest.  She chose a Dora the Explorer playing card set.  It came with the games "Crazy 8's" and "Go Fish".

She was so proud of herself, and Doug and I are extremely happy with her work too.  We pray that she always loves school this much, and that she wants to set a positive example for those around her.

Until next time...


Katie said...

Great work Reba! Keep up the good work!!!

Missy!! said...

WAY TO GO REBA!!! What a huge accomplishment! As a parent, you know you are doing something right :)