Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 34

I'm really trying to be better at capturing this pregnancy, so here I am at week 34!  Can you believe only 6 more weeks until Number 4's due date?!?!
Once again, everything is progressing as it should, and this little one is very, very active!  It will wake me multiple times at night with its acrobatic moves.  I guess I should look at this as preparing me for those night time feedings.  I am also continuing to experience heart burn when I lay down at night.  I don't remember having much when I was pregnant with Dallas, I had some at the end of my pregnancy with Reba, I had quite a bit from the end of the 1st trimester on with Julianne, and I have had it from the get go with this one!

Dallas and Reba love to cuddle up beside me and place their hands on my belly waiting for the baby to move.  They also love telling the baby good night and that they love it.  Julianne will point to my belly on occasion and say, "Baby".  We'll see how she adjusts once the little one is here.

Until next time...

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