Saturday, August 1, 2015

Morgan County Fair

If you have been keeping count, this is our third sheep show in 10 days!  Tonight we showed at Morgan County (Martinsville).  Pa-paw, Ma-maw, and Aunt Lisa had taken our sheep (and kiddos) back to their house after the Jackson County show.  Doug and I met them today at the fairgrounds.  After a quick lunch, we got to work on the sheep.
Like before, I had some great help!

Dallas has done so well this summer of handling the sheep on his own.  Typically, he will do it without a halter, but tonight we had him use one on the way to the ring.
Someone else thought she needed to help get the lambs to the ring!

We had quite the help tonight!  Our show hands before making our way to the show ring.  Thanks again to Levi, Mary, and Kylie for coming to help.
Our first class, ram lambs

Little Miss always smiling for the camera (and judge)
If I haven't said it before, I'll say it now, I really like this little ewe!  I really hope she continues to grow well through the winter.
 She ended up 4th in her class.  The judge even commented on how excellently she is put together; she just got out-sized in her class.  She was up against lambs close to 6 months older than her!
Sugar was having a lot of fun cheering from the stands!
After the Dorsets were done, we had quite a wait before showing Crackerjack in the Natural Colored class.  These little girls got a little hungry...

Crackerjack finally got his turn, and won his class!  We then had to wait a while longer for the grand drive.  Unfortunately, he didn't win though.  Next up is the Kentucky State Fair at the end of the month!
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