Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tourney Day 2

Today was second day of Dallas' baseball tourney.  We played at 2 against the number 3 seed, West Terrace Black.  We faced them earlier in the season, where we lost.  This time around our boys were hitting much better, and kept the score close the entire game.  Dallas started out in right field, but after not paying attention in the 2nd (or 3rd) inning (and missing a hit that came his way), the coach moved him to the catcher position for the next inning.

What might have been done as a "punishment move," turned out to be a great fit for Dallas!  He loved it, and he was great at it.  The coach has rotated 2-3 other boys through the catcher position all season, and I am proud to say, Dallas caught more pitches during the first batter than those other boys did combined.
Dallas caught the rest of the game.  He even got up and in position for plays at the plate a few times.

In the end, our boys played hard and smart and WON!

The boys play again next Sunday against the winner of the Loser's Bracket.
Unfortunately, we won't be there.  We will still be in Iowa (or making our way home from Iowa) celebrating Aunt Katie's marriage.

We did decide to make a stop by Dairy Queen for some celebratory ice cream!
Until next time...

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