Friday, May 8, 2015

Zoo Field Trip

Yesterday was Dallas' spring field trip to the zoo, and I was lucky enough to go along.  Because there were enough chaperones, and Dallas' class is small enough, it was just Dallas in my "group".  In the morning, we walked around with another mom/friend and her "group" of 2 boys.

The boys allowed my to get a quick photo - Dallas, Elliot, and Dylan
Dallas loved this bright orange bird in the Amazonia
The boys caught in the Jag cage
We've been to the zoo numerous times since moving to the area, and the groundhog exhibit has been under construction each time.  But this time, it was open and they were out!
I also love the giraffe exhibit, you can get so close that you could almost touch them!

Dallas loved climbing on the giant spider web
and playing in the jungle playhouse
We were able to get a class photo before loading the bus to go home.  What a great group!
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